Treasure in the News

Topic Replies Activity
Couple find £5,000,000 in one of biggest ever treasure hoards 1 August 27, 2019
Woman finds £10,000 gold ring that belonged to a King's courtier 1 August 19, 2019
Thousands of 17th century silver coins found buried in Teutonic Knights’ church 1 August 9, 2019
Civil War gold treasure hunters, lawyer say FBI acting ‘suspicious’ in wake of dig at Pennsylvania site 1 October 9, 2018
RNC does it again with another Beta gold haul 1 September 17, 2018
Treasure hunters told to stop using metal detectors on Antigua’s beaches 1 August 28, 2018
Alien spaceship may lay off Florida coast, says Discovery Channel treasure hunter 1 August 28, 2018