Evo 6000

Hello again,

The EVO6000 continues to improve with field testers suggesting small improvements to the non-motion modes, which have already been implemented. Our testers are really pleased with the weight and balance of the EVO6000. At C.Scope we understand that weight matters but you must have good balance too.

We worked hard on weight. The EVO6000 is one of the lightest detectors in its class. We managed this without compromising the experience of using the EVO6000. We kept the big (3.75 inch) screen, the long (20 hour) battery life, the three part stem and the easy to use key pad but we designed the electronics and software to be extremely efficient. Less power consumption means a lighter battery. We went through every component in the design reducing weight a gram at a time. New materials mean that the EVO heads are lighter and easier to swing.

We worked hard on balance. The EVO6000 has a modern look and after lots of searching we found a way to make it feel as good as it looks. A unique, subtle and effective change to the geometry of the EVO makes it a joy to pick up and to use. We are also very proud of our high grip handle which is comfortable with or without gloves. The handle design means that your hand is in just the right place to reach all the buttons on the EVO6000 key pad which is simple, easy to use and gives tactile feedback.

We can’t wait to share the EVO6000 with you so you can experience its light weight and great balance first hand.