New Hybrid Detector posted

NASA-Tom posted this on another website.

Here it comes……… a bit of a paradigm-shift in technology/technological-advancements. I want to give you guys a (moderate) heads-up…… for something that is on the horizon. It is built by a small company (medium/small) that makes military-grade underwater locating devices. One of those engineers is a avid detectorist. He has convinced/steered the company into inventing/building a hobby-line detector. It’s been in-the-works for about 18 years. All of the prototyping had been completed 2 years ago. It has been an “unreleased” completed product for the past 2 years. (((We are at: “shoot the engineer” time-continuum))). It is not quite a VLF… and it’s not quite a PI. Ergonomically… it has been ‘pushed’ to be in the shape of a detector…that we would ‘recognize’ as a detector. It’s been some work… to get the unit to ‘sound’ like a metal detector. . . . . . that we would ‘understand’ it’s language/audio. It is “quirky”. You will like some of the quirks…and can put some of them to good use. Some things that I can share…… at this time:

  • Very specifically targets TWO INTENTS:
  1. Wet-Salt
  2. Bad Mineralization
    This is to say……… it does NOT target mega-trashy areas…… does NOT target carpets of nails.
  • NOT for beginners/novice. Targeted for seasoned detectorists.

  • IP-68

  • 11" x 8" DD open coil (hydrodynamic)

  • Electronics designed TO/FOR the coil. ((( If you want to change coils… you must change the electronics. This is a very specific/discrete platform. )))

  • Weight/Ergonomics: Very similar to F75/EQX/T2

  • One rechargeable battery. 1-1/3 length of a C-Cell. Diameter of a C-Cell. 6000mAh 3.7V. This is a ‘off the shelf’…easy to access/buy…and YOU can change it… in about 40-seconds. (Under the armcup).

  • Full VDI ID …… with a 60-point span.

  • A very real/correct All-Metal Mode. Disc Mode. ID Mode.

  • Iron span range is: -30 to 0. And for a very specific/discrete electronic platform rationale/justification. You DON’T want this changed.

  • Non-Ferrous span range is: 0-30.

  • In certain modes… very responsive to high conductors.

  • Inches deeper than Excal/CZ/Sov for coins and gold rings… in a wet-salt environment. ((( Almost exactly parallels the performance of my ‘tuned/tweaked’ AquaStar-II… in the wet-salt. . . . . but. . . . . with FULL ID capabilities. ))) Resonant (great) for tiny gold rings, small, medium and large gold rings. This is where the depth advancements have taken place.

  • One of the paradigm-shifts: Ground Balance the unit in the dry sand FIRST. ((( And in a different fashion: Hold coil about 10" above the ground. Press and hold GB button. Lower the coil to about 1" off of ground. Release GB button. DONE. ))) Then……… walk down to the wet-salt. . . and manually zeroize your local wet-salt content/volume. Now the detector … no longer even sees the wet-salt. It is not ‘canceled’. It is not phase-shifted out. It is not Ground Balanced out. The high conductivity of the wet-salt is no longer seen. This is a fairly large dramatic departure from all other detectors. First time in history. A paradigm-shift.

  • This unit targets beach hunters… and relic hunters in bad dirt. This unit loses depth/performance in bad dirt …but at a SLOWER rate than other units. It ‘holds on’ to good target ID’s at deeper depths… in bad dirt… at a better depth/ID rate than other units.

  • Trying to keep the cost below the CTX-3030 MSRP. If we don’t market/advertise it… the cost may be around $1600… or slightly lower. The intent may be to sell the unit on this web-site (forum) only/exclusively. That way… we can circumvent advertisement costs (which can be very expensive).

  • For the most-part: K.I.S.S. theory has been employed.

  • Heavy gauge carbon fiber.

More details to follow…… possibly.

Here are a few PICS of the Tarsacci MDT 8000

Technical Specifications MDT 8000
Technology : Mixed Domain (Patent Pending)
Operating Frequency : 6.4kHz/9kHz/12kHz/18kHz
Ground Balance : Manual / Fast Auto
Tracking : Yes
Black Sand Mode : Yes
Salt Mode : Yes
Salinity Balance : Manual
Salinity Level : 0 to 50
Target Identification : Ferrous -30 to -1 / Non-ferrous 0 to 30
Sensitivity : 1 to 9
Threshold Level : -9 to 0
Target Volume : 1 to 15
Target Tones : 4
Tone Break : Ferrous/ Non-ferrous with adjustable non-ferrous notch filter
Audio Modes : All Metal / Discrimination / Mix
Audio Output : Speaker / Headphones
Display : 128X64 Graphic LCD
LCD Backlight : Yes
Battery : 26650 Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery (3.7V, 5000mAh)
Battery Life : Up to 18h@6.4kHz/24h@9kHz/30h@12kHz/36h@18kHz
Operating Temperature :-10C to +50C (+14F to +122F)
Search Coil : Tarsacci MDT 11X9 DD
Shaft : Telescopic 3K carbon fiber with molded 3K carbon fiber “S” rod and armrest
Length : 965cm to 1346cm (38” to 53”)
Weight : 1280g (2.82lb) including the battery