QuestGo App for the Quest Pro Metal Detector


Quest is proving that they are one of the most tech-savvy metal detector brands today. Their detectors are easy to use & versatile, but their app brings it to a new level. They also created the QuestGo app, available on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play, to connect with the Quest Pro metal detector. It allows you to take charge of your metal detecting like never before.

Track Route

Once you have the app installed on your Apple or Android smartphone, you’ll need to open and pair it with the Quest Pro using the Bluetooth connection. Then, to start tracking your adventures, you’ll need to make sure you’re on the “Search” screen. After tapping the start button on the screen, a satellite map will come up. As you walk, the app will draw a line on the map to show the route you searched. It also measures the distance you’ve traveled, how long your hunt has lasted, & how many steps you’ve taken. This information is great, especially if you want to track it for daily exercise.

Tracking Finds

Knowing where you found a target and recording the VDI can give you valuable insight on how the detector works in specific ground conditions. Unfortunately, that sometimes isn’t at the top of your mind when out on a hunt. That’s where the QuestGo App helps big time. It records where a target was located automatically when you are using the pinpoint. It even color codes the dot based on the VDI - Low (0-20) Blue, Mid (21-65) Yellow, and High (66-99) Red. There is even the ability to take a picture of the find so that it is set to the location it was found.

Get Social

One of the features of the app is a group where anyone can share what they have found. Each post shows how many views it has received as well as the ability to like, comment, and share it. There have even been questions about using the Quest Pro. This could really foster a sense of community if even more people start to use it.

Update Firmware

Quest plans on continually updating the Quest Pro metal detector for optimal performance. The way they plan on pushing out the update is through the QuestGo app. Once the update is ready, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone. Then you will need to connect the Pro via Bluetooth and start the update. Quest says it takes about 20 minutes to complete and the app needs to stay open the whole time.


Even though there have been other metal detecting apps, Quest Metal Detectors has set the bar for what they can do. It brings all the data, updates, and a social element to one place for you to manage the Quest Pro in one place to save you time.