Simplex Update

Updates Made :

  1. Sensitivity Level 7 has been added to provide extra depth.
    Please keep in mind that the device may run noisier at this level depending on conditions and that this is totally normal.

  2. An extra mode has been added - Park 1.
    The Park mode on the previous versions has been named as Park 2 on this update and a new Park 1 mode has been added.
    Park 1 is relatively deeper but a bit slower than Park 2 mode.
    In this mode, the device produces a low tone for ferrous targets with 0-15 IDs, a medium tone for gold and non-ferrous metals with IDs 16-69 and a high tone for non-ferrous metals with IDs 70-99 such as silver, brass and copper.

  3. Changes have been made for the All Metal Mode changes:

  • It has been removed from the first spot in the options and moved to the end.
  • Threshold setting has been added to this mode.
    In the All Metal mode, the threshold setting for each sensitivity level is optimized to provide the best performance on different terrains.
    You can adjust the threshold setting between -50 +50 based on ground conditions.
  1. Mineralization bar has been added to the screen.

  2. Timeout lengths have been increased.

  3. BACK function (up arrow) has been added to exit from settings to go back to the main screen without waiting for the timeout.

  4. ID depth has been increased.

  5. 4 levels have been added to Automatic Brightness shown as A1-A2-A3-A4 on screen.

9.Audio for the pinpoint mode and wired headphones has been optimized.

  1. Manual Ground Balance function has been expanded:
    If the device receives a lot of noise and/or emits false signals and you cannot eliminate it by reducing the sensitivity, first set your sensitivity back to its original level. Then increase the ground balance value between 90.1 - 91.0 one by one until the noise is eliminated. As the ground balance value is increased, the device’s sensitivity to high conductive (silver, copper etc.) coins will decrease.