The NEW EVO-6000

Hello there!

Thanks for signing-up to hear more about our latest micro-processor driven detector, the EVO-6000.

The testing and development process is coming to its conclusion now and the EVO will be available to buy soon. Despite all that the weather could throw at us, we have been working hard on our own field testing of our prototypes, plus also relaying your feedback to our Design Department.
Field testers have been raving over the improved non-motion mode with audio discrimination and target I.D. with one tester saying “We’ve built in his (current) favourite C.Scope; the CS1220XD, into the EVO6000!”

The brand new 3 part stem assembly is now completed and ready for production with a “double pip” spring clip to secure the mid stem securely.

With ‘green’ issues on everyone’s mind, we’ve also been busy improving the overall efficiency of both the circuitry and the search heads, now allowing up to 20 hours detecting time from a single charge. When the EVO does need re-charging the supplied charger will do the job fully in just 2 hours.

We are also pleased to confirm that the ‘all important’ product approvals are now in place as this is a legal requirement that we must abide with before we can put any products on the market.

We’ll be back in touch with more info soon.